You. You are a clear page in the story of this universe. And as you push ahead in life, with each action of yours, you adjust the story; however immaterial you consider it to be, yet everything you might do is a word in the story. And a writer knows that every word, from the verbs to the conjunctions, the metaphors to the euphemisms, every word plays a part in making the story, complete. Indeed a single word can change everything. And the presence of each word contributes to its entirety. Also it’s alright if your words don’t bode well, at this moment for this might be the halfway of a sentence. You might be a clause right now or you might be a phrase. Anyway the story goes on, and it keeps on divulging. New faces emerge and some old ones blur, along the way. Yet everybody has impact. Someone becomes the center of your story and you’re a part of someone else’s story, too. Your role to each other has been served.

But even when you feel like your story has reached its end; it’s just the end of a chapter. As worn out as it may sound, it’s simply a tragic chapter, not a pitiful story. You. You are not a dismal story.

You’re lying here thinking the world’s a gloomy place and life’s unfair, seeking the appraisal of someone who never bothered to see how utterly unprecedented you are. Yet, you don’t see that there’s so much to praise around you. If you look at the moonlit sky at night and how it doesn’t need to compete with the stars, or dull their sparkle, in order to shine. It doesn’t need to stand out. It just shines and plays its part in the entirety of this beautiful universe. And complements the stars and the sky. If you see closely, you are somebody’s moon, and you wish to be a star. There are a million stars in the night sky however you, you’re a moon.

What’s more at this point, you understand you’re not only a blank page in the story of this universe. You are a story of this universe. Furthermore a delightful one, for sure.

PS: I hope you have a wonderful time cruising through the clutter of my mind.

– Regards Archit Gupta


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