About Me

Well , since this is my first blog post ever. I’d like to start by talking a little about me.

I am Archit Gupta currently in 12th grade studying at The Heritage School ,Rohini,New Delhi,India. I am just another one of your regular guys and the only reason I have decided to take on this platform is because I feel this is the best way to vent out my ideas , feeling and perceptions of absolutely anything in the world, to be able to discuss my ideas and perception about something is an activity I thoroughly enjoy and I believe this to be the perfect platform to do so.

Getting to the actual ‘me’ part , I am a big time book lover , tech-freak, gamer and a musician(having a bachelors degree in a specific Indian string instrument known as a Sarod). I love the high I get off debating no substance can provide the euphoria that those simple arguments and counterarguments give me. With the state elections in less than a week I’m finding myself in various political debates almost all the time and believe it or not it is making life interesting.To follow my love for debating I’m often found at events such as MUN(Model United Nations) Conferences , The World Scholars Cup and various other platforms for debating and public speaking.

I do realise that all of this makes me look like an indoors person.But I am a huge football (soccer) and cricket fan. My favourite club is Real Madrid F.C. and its somewhere near the top of my bucket list to one day actually go to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu to watch my dream team play. I have an immeasurable amount of love for sports and it is ever increasing.

These are just a few things about me and I hope you get to know me even better when we move along with time. All I can do is promise to write as much as I can , as often as I can( dont want to be like George RR Martin now , do I?).

Until then



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