Dusting Off A Kiss(sent to FOYLE) 

Like a droplet in the mother ocean,just another atom, existing in your vicinity, an indirect notion,

I dropped the elongated string, 

thinking that it would end at you, 

it didn’t , 

it never will, 

Shuffled like the air between a pack of cards,

I once had no identity,

I do, now, said I, in my past,

taunted me, injured me, deep within, I now wear a cast,


I had you, I cherished and preserved the moments,

latent realisation, it killed me slowly, rusted I was,

You were my cancer,

unknowingly teased, trembled, later thrashed me,

my immunity fell down,

but now,

I, a used matchstick would enlighten again,

red phosphorous refuelled, will shine bright even in loud winds,

every night I used to,

sit in the porch,

with my guitar, 

had broken strings,

still gathered people, sighed, cried, no longer far,

I thought of the time, I’d spent with you,

I thought of the time, I was no longer one,

An affirmative- modest- cliched- grin on my face,

thinking about how desperate I was,

No option left for me, now

In order to preserve my long lost integrity, 

Now, waves violently shattered the rocks,

they grew stronger, the next time they approached,


were strong enough to stand up,

You are a leech, would always remain one,

the living instinct, the last moments of your survival,

You will remember who all you ‘violently loved’,

cremated their insides, gained power, on yourself,

and you’ll die. you’ll die a dying death.

To safeguard myself, I’ll vacate your side,

I’m sure where ever you’ll go, You’ll find someone to ignite,

caressing and serenading you with the birdie finger,

You’ll deserve every bit of it,

Spitting at You, won’t dissolve, absorb my ‘love’ for You,

Creepiness would burn You down,

My imagination,

Tears your atoms down.


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