It is said that the most courageous act of a brave person is the one in which he can confidently look into the eyes of the thing he fears the most, fearlessly. In about 10 months from now I’d be done with my school life and instead of being optimistic and uncertain about the new life that I am going to enter, I fear turning oblivious to these 14 years that I have spent in my alma-mater. Childish giggles will soon be replaced by mature smiles, cranky tantrums into unexpressed stress, my decisions then could change my life and I would no longer have second chances to correct my mistakes. Had it not been for these years, I would not have been proud of a zillion memories that I have today. I fear not being able to be dependent on my parents, I fear success, I fear failure, I fear isolation in the hard times that I will have and I fear oblivion. Your primary school is your best guide, your elementary school, your best friend and your high school is your best teacher. Look at who you are today, you weren’t the same a few years back and you won’t be the same a few years from now but I believe you will always be a part of what you have been all through. Going on in the big world and having to fight for your own survival, not being able to seek through doors to find candy jars, not being able to hide test papers anymore, not being able to dance my way through corridors, not being able to amble around aimlessly without any responsibilities, not being able to catch butterflies and being amused by nature and art is what I fear. Having made these confessions, I realise it now that it does not matter how many hurdles have your overcome by now, what will always be of more importance is realising which hurdle scared you, which taught you and which made you fall. There is a grand and an unstoppable life awaiting you and this time the hurdles are unknown, the opportunities are limited, success is uncertain and chances of errors are maximised. I don’t fear moving on, I fear not being able to relive these wonderful years gone by. But you have a choice in this world, either be scared of your fears or mould yourself, create the ideal you, and be the kind of person, you have aspired to be all your life.


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