We Only Care About Things We Struggle For and Then Achieve ( small essay)

“The warrior only thinks the victory is amazing if he has fought the war.” A few years ago in a personal interview Bill Gates , the founder of Microsoft , declared that his vast fortune of $78 Billion will all be donated to charity after his death and his daughter shall not inherit a single cent from it. Quite a shocker, I suppose, but as we know Bill Gates is a man who has seen it all, struggle, poverty and the worst of all failure. And yet he is one of the most successful men on the planet and once was on top of the Forbes List.

History hold witness and I state the example of great empires that have fallen after running for generations. The story for all is almost similar , One great , brave , moral man will conquer the land and rule the land effectively and righteously. Then comes along the spoilt son (heir to the throne) who has done nothing in his whole life except being the first sperm to fuse with the egg. When he does take over the throne, he doesn’t care for the kingdom or for the empire , and he is destined to lose it someday because an empire is a fragile commodity sir and it has to be handled with care.

Looking at these self explanatory examples I hereby declare my stand ( which must be quite evident to the reader) that Yes , We only care about things we struggle for and then achieve.

This is human nature things that we get too easily, we take for granted. Mother’s love, Sibling’s care we all take these precious things for granted because we haven’t done anything to be worthy to achieve those . We hear all sorts of cases of someone killing his / her brother/sister for property and inheritable substances. The not-so-uncommon guy who’ll throw his parents in an old age home is easily recognizable . ask an orphan what it means to have parents , what it means to have at least two people in this world who love you unconditionally . Ask an only child what it means to have a sibling , a best friend who wont betray you, someone who truly is a friend for life. And thou shall know the value of such costless things.

I remember , during my first term exams in grade 9 when I didn’t study much and managed to get quite respectable grades . I was overjoyed and hence when the second term exams came I , being the overconfident self proclaimed know it all did the same thing and didn’t study properly , again. However this time the fates had decided to teach me a lesson. I got grades which I considered horrible from my standards and from a 9.6 CGPA in Term 1 I went to an 8.6 CGPA overall. It was my father then who explained to me what had happened , he told me that he was not disappointed about my grades , neither was he happy about my good grades in the first term. He told me that whenever you get something in life that you do not deserve , then there will always be a moment when you will not get something that you truly deserve , that is the universal law. Since then if I have ever wanted to achieve something I have never left it on the fates.

I’ll be ending with one last example from around a month back , I had gone with 17 of my school mates to Singapore for the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round. This time remembering my father’s advice I had put in a lot of effort to get prepared for this round. Yet I could not achieve what I expected and I was hurt and that has left a scar in me. Yet I saw some of my school mates ( I shouldn’t be saying this ) not caring about the result even though they had performed worse. They didn’t value the result because they hadn’t put in hardwork and that reminded me of my father’s words of wisdom , again.

Readers its not about what you achieve , its about how you achieve it. A man can become a millionaire by winning the lottery but that money will soon flow like a river current . yet a man who has saved up money , earned it and then became a millionaire will be a multi-millionaire after some time. Unless and until you do not understand the worth of something you will always take too lightly.

And finally this reminds me of a few other wise words from my father , he told me that I have few years of education left , I could either work like a slave for these few years and live the rest of my life like a king or I could live these few years like a king (on my parents hard earned money) and work like a slave for the rest of my life. Struggle is what makes us living , struggle is essential.

I’d like to conclude with “ A life without struggle is not worth living.”



3 thoughts on “We Only Care About Things We Struggle For and Then Achieve ( small essay)

  1. Honestly the best of your ideologies put into one! And like I have said before I seem to understand them quite well :3
    Beautiful seriously 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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